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Who We Are


Peter Annis-Brown


Growing up in the small rural village of Boomi, 100km North west of Moree in Northern NSW, I witnessed first hand what effect the lack of health services and education can have on us all and our communities.


Both my parents died at a young age from lifestyle related disease and this experience was where my desire to help people improve their wellbeing started.


In 2013, I lost an employee to suicide, then a mate in 2016 took his own life. In 2019, I found out my own Grandfather also suicided in 1966. (Unfortunately, no-one spoke of suicide back then).

This lived experience has driven me to educate myself about mental health and the link between physical wellbeing and our mind. I also wanted to be able to reach out to friends, family and colleagues with confidence and competence offering help if they experience mental health and wellbeing issues.


All of this drives my passion for supporting the health and wellbeing of people who live in rural and regional Australia and led to the start-up of ManageHealth where our aim is to help people make it happen with their mental and physical fitness.

Contact Information

Mobile: 0419 995204

Duncan Prior

Exercise Scientist/ Trainee Exercise Professional

Duncan is passionate about helping people live a happy and fulfilling life. He believes that maintaining and developing our minds and bodies are essential in this pursuit. He continuously works hard on both aspects in his own life and enjoys exploring all avenues in learning and developing his skills to help others in these areas. Surviving and in recent years thriving with chronic back and feet injuries have been core drivers in his life and work. Duncan emigrated to Australia from England in 2018 with his wife Katherine and young daughter Frankie. As well as his role with ManageHealth he also works as a tennis coach for the Northwest Tennis Academy. He completed a Master’s Degree in Sport Science in 2003 and has been coaching tennis for over 25 years. Duncan has recently competed his Certificate III in Fitness with the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers and moving onto his certificate IV in Fitness.


Duncan loves following most professional sports. He only has the Australian Open to go to complete his spectator Grand Slam of tennis, after experiencing memorable trips to Flushing Meadows, Roland Garros & Wimbledon. He also enjoys following the English Premier League ( soccer ), his boyhood soccer team Ipswich Town (League One of English Football League), and the English Cricket Team! He still plays competitive tennis and his claim to fame is that he beat 2021 US Open Champion Emma Raducanu in a practice set (she was 12 at the time and the set never officially finished due to heavy rain!). Duncan’s is also training as Scout Leader, following in his father’s footsteps.

Contact Information

Mobile: 0478 592758

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